The remoteness of a potential project location will always dramatically impact upon the size and type of equipment that can be used to search for, and then develop, a mineral deposit.

The coordination and organization of your entire project depends upon your initial logistics planning, your timing, and how well your basic infrastructure is put into place to support what you will do.

Preliminary evaluation is incredibly important to establish how (and when) it is best to move forward with a sampling program. Sampling is vital to determine how to most-effectively develop the mineral deposit.

A big part of planning these different phases will hinge upon the availability of supplies and support-services, and how difficult or expensive it will be to move them to the project site. It is wise during the planning-stage, to involve experienced people who know the direct consequences of decisions concerning logistical-matters.

LOGIPLUS Mining team-members are able to help you accomplish your initial evaluation, and advise you about the best equipment to use for the job. We will also assist you to develop and utilize the most advantageous supply lines and transport systems, insuring that food, fuel, shelter, other needed supplies, ongoing transportation, emergency services, and communication requirements are properly met.